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Faye Leather


In a nutshell…

Faye Leather

Faye Leather

Graphic Designer


I graduate in Graphic Design from the University of Lincoln in the Summer of 2019. I am currently based in Lincoln, although I was brought up in Yorkshire.

My passion is to develop bold clear designs tailored for the medium – essential when your clients are looking down at a 5 inch mobile or upwards to design attached to a 50-storey building.

I believe it is important to adopt a client led approach to fully understand your brief. I can then add graphic design flair to enhance that vision to take your ideas further.

I have a strong design and copyrighting skillset that I am continually improving through training and keeping abreast of the best ideas out there.

My guilty pleasures are Disney and chocolate…preferably combined laughing

​If you would like to work with me on a freelance basis, or would like to see my cv for something more permanent, please get in touch.


Graphic Design

Bringing bold designs to ensure your message does not get lost in an information overloaded world


Getting your message across with creativity and clarity and on-brand


Either standalone or as part of a multi-media design – well composed images can really say a thousand words

Web Design

Mobile or Web – UX-driven designs to keep them hooked